A View from my Window

London N8

"Let us walk together through a great modern capital, with our ears more attentive than our eyes, and we shall enjoy distinguishing between the eddies of water, air and gas inside metallic pipes, the rumblings of engines breathing and pulsing with an indisputable animal spirit, the throbbing of valves, the rising and falling of pistons, the screeching of mechanical saws, the jumping of trams on their rails, the cracking of whips, the flutter of awnings and flags." (Luigi Russolo: 'The Art of Noises' 1916) 

A view from my window is sonic piece which draws context from the works of Murray Schaffer and Luc Ferrari. The piece records the aural view from a London window. The discourse surrounding the work questions our aural perception of the world we live in and the relationship we have with it. 

For the week preceding the recording I wore a blindfolded 24h a day, rendering my aural sense as predominant. The work charts my chaining perspective on the world as I became increasingly familiar with a new aural view of a well known realty. This perspective is realied in two soundwork (below).


Made with ♥ by Jon Pigrem

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