The Harmony of the Spheres

Extreme Sonic Sensations

The Harmony of Spheres, is an eight channel interactive environment, which explores the notion of celestial harmony. The piece can function as an interactive installation, a performance tool or as a composition of infinite duration. 

"The motion of bodies of that size must produce a noise, since on our earth the motion of bodies far inferior in size and speed of movement has that effect. Also when the sun and moon, they say, and all the stars, so great in number and in size, are moving with so rapid a motion, how should they not produce a sound immensely great? Starting from this argument, and the observation that their speeds, as measured by their distances, are in the same ratios as musical concordances, they assert that the sound given forth by the circular movement of the stars is a harmony." (James 1993: 39)


Made with ♥ by Jon Pigrem

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