Basic Life is an installation piece that plays on the concept of our slow entropy into old age. The installation features two robots that roam around their environment seeking the light (three roaming spot lights moving randomly within the installation). As with life, the light keeps on moving and the search goes on. The robots are coded with a demising set of routines which slowly make tasks harder and eventually leads to sensory and mechanical failure. 

In the creation of the installation, and in particular the behaviour of the robots, I have taken influence from the writings of Valentino Braitenberg and his theories of 'vehicles', the law of 'uphill analysis and downhill invention', and his creation of 'basic life' from mechanical parts. The work has also been influence by the works and writings of Felix Hess and the robotic creations that formed the installations 'Airflows'(1989), 'Parrots'(1990) and 'Wind Fireflies' (1991).


Made with ♥ by Jon Pigrem

Made with Mobirise